8 Winchester Sreet Lyttelton

Designed by Fiona Macpherson Architecture, this energy-efficient home seamlessly nestles into a small space within Lyttelton’s historic village. Its layout cleverly maximizes the limited area, while paying homage to Lyttleton’s past with a classic weatherboard exterior. The house employs advanced materials and systems that are now standard in our builds.

Beneath the surface, a fully insulated foundation is accompanied by a hydronic underfloor heating system featuring a buffer tank. The 140 Series Ecopanel Wall System takes centre stage, providing excellent insulation and boasting airtight layers, as evidenced by an impressive airtightness test result of 0.48 air changes per hour. The exterior aesthetic is defined by UPVC double glazed windows, skylights, and the sleek lines of the hidden fixed standing seam wall and roof cladding.

On the inside, a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery ensures a steady flow of fresh air into two bedrooms, a multi function room, and a study nook, while effectively expelling moisture-laden air from wet areas. These sophisticated features align seamlessly with the original vision of our valued client… scroll down to read more about this beautiful project.

A statement from the delighted home owner

“When I made the decision to build a new house, I was keen to make it as eco-friendly as possible, as it seemed irresponsible not to. I have also been living in Sydney for many years and wanted to ensure I was as protected as much as possible from the icy winter temperatures that I remembered from my years growing up here. A friend then told me about the panel system and I went to see a house built that way. It was just perfect. So warm and the air was so fresh and I knew immediately that this was what I wanted to do. I then tracked down Dan and his team from there and my architect, Fiona MacPherson then created the plans for the beautiful home that I am now enjoying. It is everything that I had hoped it would be: no draughts, warm all the time, but with an ambient heat that along with the air system, never makes the house feel cloying or over-warm. It is a joy to live here.

During the process, I broke all the rules that say you must be present at every step of the building process, as the entire build was done while I was living in Sydney, unable to travel most of the time because of COVID. I count myself very lucky that I chose the right builders for the job. Dan, Kane and Ben and the team bent over backwards to make sure that the house was perfect. Ben took photos throughout the process and sent me weekly up-dates, so that I knew exactly what was going on at every stage of the development. Fiona, my architect, kept in close contact with the team and every decision that needed to be made was thought through with care, and always with my opinion being taken into account. I was able to get back to Christchurch for the latter stages of the build and every person who has been working on the property has cared for it as if it was their own. They’ve been unfailingly courteous and helpful and just lovely to have around and their attention to detail has been amazing. I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful home and couldn’t recommend them all more highly.”