Raising the standard for healthier homes

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Energy efficiency should not be a niche market in the building industry, it should be a minimum standard of practice for all homes built in New Zealand.

The New Zealand building code is about 20 years behind other developed counties in the OECD. In fact, almost 98% of houses built today are built to the minimum standard allowed by law – well below the efficiency standards in other developed countries.

Packed house at Auckland Superhome Meeting hosted by the Building Excellence Group. June 2017

The result of this deficient building code is that most kiwis will end up living in cold damp houses that are not only unhealthy but are also costly to run due to inefficient design, building, and poor quality building materials. Our children have one of the highest asthma rates in the developed world and our poor living environments are largely to blame.

The Superhome Movement aims to raise standards so that all new homes are healthier and more energy efficient.

We facilitate education, lobbying for change, and open source sharing of new design ideas, technologies, and building techniques. We connect designers, builders, researchers, education providers, government, stakeholders, and leading experts in the industry to achieve collaboration toward higher building standards for all New Zealand homes.