75 &75b Aynsley Terrace Hillsborough

You might associate Character Builders as only specialising in Old home restoration and authentic period construction, but actually, this represents just one part of our business.

It is true however, that we are passionate about authentic architecture and sympathetic reconstruction – the architecture of this home for example, is distinctly “Mid-Century Modern” from its 15-degree leaning wall and tapered footprint, through to the implementation of the original 1950 Aynsley house cedar weatherboards, repurposed in the feature stair balustrade and mid-century detailing.

With particular attention to energy-efficient building techniques and technology, a primary objective for 75 Aynsley Tce was to achieve Superhome status, but at an affordable level and in a way that is environmentally sustainable.

To achieve this the brief given to Jared at AP Design, was to design a small 135 sq metre home, with a good-sized garage and to keep things ‘simple’ and smart!

Character Builders then worked hard to source various recycled materials and components; incorporating them discreetly in ways that, not only look remarkable but also achieve significant cost savings for the owner and reduced impact on the planet.

Come and see what can be done when the budget is low but aspiration is high!