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Superhome Summit, Harry Puttock, STO New Zealand, November 2023

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Sto is a leading supplier of exterior facade insulation systems and manufacturer of high-quality exterior and interior render facade systems and coatings worldwide. As the authorised partner of Sto for Australasia, we are committed to the Sto philosophy. “Building with conscience”.

Having developed a full range of render facade systems, and that have been tested and certified by BRANZ for New Zealand construction industries, Sto is recognised as an industry leader in exterior and interior render facade, cladding, repairs, and restoration markets.

The following Q & A with Harry Puttock was featured in the SUPERHOME NEWSLETTER | May 2023

How did you become aware of the SUPERHOME MOVEMENT (SHM)? 
Via LinkedIn, Bob Burnett and research on Passiv Haus.

Can you mention any Superhome projects you have participated in? 
Sang Architects, Piha Home, reclad to Passive House standards (Before we got involved with the Superhome Movement).

What are your views on the current NZ building standards in relation to what SHM are trying to achieve?
Works too much on bare minimum requirements and quite out of touch with a lot of modern building practices. Simplified for traditional construction that makes it almost archaic in some areas.

From your experience, are people becoming more aware of the SHM and a need for general improvement in NZ’s current building standards?
Yes it very important today regarding sustainability, and healthy homes that last and have a great life cycle assessment. This is becoming an important and relevant subject. We need to bring it forward for all homes not just high-end.

What do you think are people’s misconceptions re the SHM? 
It is for the rich and famous (ie. costs a lot). People need clear education on the benefits and ongoing savings and LCA.

Why would you recommend people joining the SHM? 
Ticks all the boxes, Sustainable Option, Healthy Home, Energy Efficient long lasting with low maintenance costs.

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