Superhome of the Year Awards 2024 | MultiGen Marvel, Cashmere

Caro Lane, Cashmere


Judges Comments:
“A highly efficient home which incorporates Universal Design principles, making it ideal for a multi-generational family. A superb thermal envelope, achieving 0.68 ACH (air changes/hour) coupled with advanced super systems, ensures exceptional performance. This home is a prime example of a high performance, energy-efficient design with great visual and physical connections to outdoor spaces and views.”

Built by Dan Saunders Construction, Caro Lane stands as a testament to super craftsmanship and thoughtful architectural design, catering to the needs of a multi-generational family. This five-bedroom, two-story dwelling located at the foot of the Port hills in the Cashmere Estate subdivision was featured on the 2022 Superhome Bus Tour as an under construction exemplar, and revisited again in 2023 when it was completed. The home seamlessly integrates universal design principles with ergonomic considerations, ensuring comfort and accessibility for occupants of all ages. With a background in the medical field, the clients knew the importance of healthy living, and how a properly designed house has a positive effect on its occupants health and well-being. The clients have been bold enough to do something different, recognising the importance of creating a home that benefits and supports the health and wellbeing of the occupants through varying life stages.

Design Concept

Caro Lane deviates from conventional multi-generational housing solutions by offering generously sized rooms designed to accommodate larger families. Rather than opting for a two-in-one design, the design strategically places two kitchen sinks to enhance usability, emphasising the importance of communal spaces. Upstairs, bedrooms and bathrooms are strategically spaced around a central staircase, while an additional bedroom and bathroom are located on the ground floor, promoting accessibility.

The residence’s spatial efficiency not only enhances the living experience but also optimises energy efficiency. Its two-story layout maximises thermal efficiency, resulting in a smaller footprint on the site. This efficient design allows for an expansive garden and outdoor living space, ideal for family activities and the cultivation of fruit trees.

Construction and Insulation 

The choice of construction materials and techniques plays a pivotal role in the home’s sustainability and energy efficiency. The fully insulated slab, combined with super-energy-efficient in-slab hydronic underfloor heating, ensures optimal heat retention. The Ecopanel wall system, comprising various layers for insulation, airtightness, and cavity battens, offers superior performance while reducing heat loss through the building envelope.

To meet recession plane and height limit constraints, a CLT midfloor was chosen. This innovative approach utilises 166mm thick CLT panels, providing a shallower midfloor depth compared to traditional floor joists. Below these panels, a 90mm services cavity accommodates plumbing services and whole-house ventilation ducts. The combination of prefab Ecopanel and CLT panels accelerated construction, with walls and midfloor completed in just three days.

NK uPVC windows were installed in alignment with the insulation, eliminating thermal bridging and ensuring an airtight seal. These windows were carefully integrated with the internal intello air tightness layer to prevent heat loss through junctions.

This Multi-Generational Marvel represents a paradigm shift in multi-generational living. With a focus on spatial efficiency, sustainability, and innovative construction methods, this Superhome not only meets the diverse needs of its occupants but also contributes to their health and well-being throughout various life stages. The design serves as an inspiring example of how architectural ingenuity can enhance the quality of family life while promoting environmental responsibility. Healthy for people, healthy for the planet.


Builder: Dan Saunders Construction
Bob Burnett Architecture
Engineer: Fifth Dimension Consulting
Windows: NK Windows
Walls: EcoPanel
Timberline: Thermory, Nordic Pine

The home was part of the 2023 SUPERHOME TOURS