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Find people who know how to create Superhomes

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Our directory of Superhome participants lists industry professionals and experts who know how to create Superhomes. Of all the things you do, good advice is the key to optimal health and efficiency of your home.

The physical appearance of the home is no guarantee of the performance of a home.

For most people, a home is the biggest investment of their life and 80% of people choose the house they want by looking at a show home (BRANZ research study). Sadly, most new homes built in New Zealand today are built to the lowest standards allowed by law. These houses are prone to being cold, damp, unhealthy, and costly to run.

Get the best advice from people who know how to design and build a Superhome.

TIP: Avoid ‘greenwash’. Eco homes and sustainability are terms gaining popularity in marketing circles. Avoid getting hung up on promises and green logos. Instead, look for a track record of homes built and designed ABOVE the minimum standards.  

Finding the best advice is always going to be a challenge, and no system is perfect. However, our list of participants is one place to start.