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Canon Street, St Albans

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Homestar Design Rating 6 VERT sml




  • Floating floor with hydronic air-water under-floor heating system
  • Kingspan Kooltherm® cladding to eliminate thermal bridging
  • TC3 Pile foundation
  • Dulux AcraTex® flexible plaster external render system
  • Water efficient tap fittings (WELS rated)
  • KiwiSIPs Insulated wall panel system
  • Sustainable certified materials

Following the earthquakes the land at 20a Canon Street was classified as TC3 and required lightweight construction systems. The client also wanted to ensure the new build was built with sustainability in mind and provided excellent thermal performance.  

This is achieved with KiwiSIPs and Kingspan Kooltherm® cladding.

The walls are constructed using KiwiSIPs, an innovative New Zealand designed structurally insulated panel that differ from other SIPs in the areas of composition, manufacture and installation. While the external facings are Oriented Strand Board (OSB) the way the panels are made, in the flexible manufacturing facilities, differs markedly. A combination of digital design, off-site manufacture and optimised installation techniques make them highly affordable.

KiwiSIPs feature both an external and internal structure. Bonds are all wood to wood rather, than wood to (foam) insulation. This makes them strong enough that additional expensive structural-steel is not usually required. This also gives the panels outstanding performance in earthquake and high wind-loading zones. This engineered timber structure ensures Improved precision, dimensional accuracy.

Often other SIPs use imported EPS (Polystyrene) or PUR (Polyurethane) foam which are made from a nonsustainable (petroleum based) resource, and there are concerns regarding highly toxic flame-retardant chemicals and poisons released in the event of a serious fire. KiwiSIPs use a high-quality insulation made from recycled glass, making them safer for the manufacturer and homeowner. The insulation made from recycled material and timber in the panels are from sustainable sources with over 95% of each tree used making the panels one of the most environmentally sustainable products of their type.

Warmer, drier, quieter this home offers a significantly better quality of life than traditionally-built homes. In addition the ground floor is carpet free, which means less dust; and better environment for those with respiratory problems such as asthma.


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