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Eco Villa

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  • 1910 Villa renovation installing wall insulation, soundproofing and double glazing
  • Extensive waste reduction and reuse of existing timber & bricks from building
  • Heat pump ducted central heating
  • Wireless temperature sensors to monitor room temps and heat loss
  • Commercial hot water heat pump
  • Shower domes and flow restrictors
  • Rainwater collection
  • Grey water system for flushing toilets plumbed in with plans to complete in near future
  • LED lighting and daylight sensors with timers for energy efficiency

This 1910 Villa was saved from demolition by a young kiwi couple with the vision to create a more sustainable future by showcasing eco-principles in a new style of eco-accommodation in Christchurch.

The building went through a change of use and was upgraded to meet commercial fire and structural standards. This resulted in most of the internal linings being upgraded and gave the owners an opportunity to insulate and soundproof 95% of the walls.

Any windows requiring repairs were replaced with custom made timber double glazed windows. Smaller and leadlight windows were retrofitted with a Perspex magnetic system. Remaining single glazed windows will be upgraded over time.

An upstairs and downstairs ducted central heating and cooling system has been installed. This system is powered by 2 large heat pumps with a control system that allows for unoccupied rooms to be shut off. Each room is monitored with wireless temperature sensors that record and graph the temperature of each room.

The unique nature of the renovation (with some rooms being fully upgraded and insulated and some rooms being partially upgraded) allows the owners to fully see the energy savings and efficiencies of each room.  A excellent testing ground plus great motivation to fully upgrade all rooms as funds allow! 

Hot water is heated using a commercial hot water heat pump with a 1:4 efficiency ratio. Shower domes and water flow reducers have been installed in each shower with a grey water system plumbed in that will be used to flush the toilets. Rain water is being collected for garden use and reducing storm water runoff. A honeycomb carpark and pathway has a system made of recycled plastic, filled with pebbles, an eco-friendly alternative to concrete whilst reducing storm water runoff. 

Waste reduction was paramount at the time of the renovation and nothing was wasted. All good timber was salvaged and reused to make bespoke furniture for the hotel.Bricks from the chimneys and fence were reused in the raised permaculture garden beds and the two private outdoor baths. Most existing plumbing fixtures were reused; including the original cast iron bathtubs for the outdoor baths.

Led lighting has been installed throughout the property with daylight sensors and timers to reduce electricity usage. The property has been wired to allow the owners to easily install solar in the near future. 

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