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Rangitoto View Road, Cockle Bay, Auckland

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OPEN 11am-4pm Saturday, 29th September 2018

Homestar Design Rating 7 VERT sml


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  • Timber, with minimal steel & concrete for low embodied energy.
  • NZ pine Abodo cladding* with silicon based, non-toxic preservative.
  • Walls with 185mm thick Mammoth insulation** made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Thermally broken Aluminium joinery with Low E double glazing.
  • 9 tiltable solar panels and 18 fixed with 13.5kWh Tesla battery.
  • Recycled Rimu features from original home.

* DECLARE products: see

Tanglewood owners move in Oct 2018! It’s been over 2 years since signing up to “Living-Building” Petals Certification and the results to date are stunning. The house is beautiful, yes, but the process to design and build is even more so because of the teams that have contributed. The mantra for the journey: Nature does not waste.

Commitments by owners, builders, contractors and suppliers to reduce waste, reuse and recycle, was instrumental in creating Tanglewood. Waste was explored in all its forms: resources; energy; communication and stress. Tanglewood aims to minimise embodied energy and generate enough energy for local transport as well as all household use. Highly efficient appliances, massive insulation to minimise heating/cooling, plus enough solar panels to generate 120% of the household electricity requirements should enable Tanglewood to be a net contributor to the electricity grid as well as charge a 13.4kWh Tesla battery and an Electric Vehicle.

To reduce embodied energy and minimise the use of materials made by burning coal:

  • Laminated timber structural beams and portals instead of steel.
  • Timber floor on timber post foundations instead of concrete slab.
  • Acrylic instead of glass in most of the smaller windows.

To reduce wasted heat, exterior walls have 3 layers of insulation 185mm thick made with fibres from recycled plastic bottles, Red List Free and 100% recyclable. Hot water
is via a thermal store containing less than 30 litres of potable water, but 300 litres of closed system heat storage kept at around 45-50°C.

Most solar panels are 5° and facing due north flat to the roof but one bank of 9 panels on the deck balustrade can be adjusted seasonally between 30-60°. The top of the deck balustrade is 50cm above floor level lowering the walkway around the outer edge, allowing a clear view when seated.



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