He Tāngata

He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata
The people, the people, the people

Our homes significantly influence our health and wellbeing and this can be in a positive or negative way.

People often spend 80% to 90% of the time in their home...

Especially older people and the very young. Therefore it's important the home provides the best possible living environment, so it protects and nurtures the body and mind; a place where a family can live salubriously, and flourish and be successful.

To achieve this, a home should be well designed and built to stand strong, be resilient, durable, efficient in size and cost, while being kind to both its family and environment. 

There must be due consideration of the land we live in too... He whenua!

This page will be very powerful and I suggest we use a whole array of different people. A great way to reward key people also, such as Superhome Partners and key Participants.

Also, get different perspectives from people like Ronnie, and BOB, what about Shizuka (as a resident having experienced the quakes, bad housing etc, even though people who know BBA etc, this would be more for unknowing public... Even consider a LENNY perspective???? ie child's perspective...

The other BIG advantage with having MANY perspectives is that each one can be used on Social Media on a regular basis, and with the personal factor as well as the very different perspectives would generate a good level of interest for EVERYONE and not just hard core industry types...