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October SuperHome Tour Church Square 10 star home

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Date: 05/10/2019

11 Church Square, Addington, Christchurch  MAP

Learn about NZ's 1st 10 star SUPERHOME and the 1st 10 Homestar built rated house.

Hear about what makes a house a 10 Star Superhome and the many innovations not in typical homes. The best target for quality and energy efficiency appropriate for your budget. Plus what we do different now and what are the easy wins and things that dont cost more but provide improve energy efficiency and warmth.

The ANZ Healthy Home Loan package for Homestar rated homes (6 star and above). Get up to 1% p.a. discount off your mortgage interest rate.

This is a group session...seminar with 10 mins Q&A and if you require a project-specific consultation please email anytime for booking. 

Become a Supporter of the Superhome Movement here and donate to help us provide more free events if you wish.

Please register as space if limited.


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