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The Tale of Two Hemispheres

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Date: 12/08/2021

The Tale of Two Hemispheres

Thursday 12th August 2021

Linkedin Event

TWO mates, TWO homes, TWO hemispheres, TWO terrific tales of cutting edge foresight in these environmentally challenged times.

Two Passive Houses, one in New Zealand, the other in Slovenia, built simultaneously in opposite hemispheres during some of the most challenging conditions this planet has faced.

So what do they look like?
What are the similarities?
What are the differences?
What products were used?

Join us to hear why Magedie Pretorius and Joseph Lyth chose to build a Passive House for their respective families. 

This webinar is a dive into the detail of two world leading homes built using materials that are familiar, yet cutting edge in each of their respective markets. How does the construction differ while achieving the same aims.

Join us to learn more.

Event hosted in association with The Healthy Home Cooperation and Respond Architects.

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