67 Te Rito St, Prestons, Christchurch

Liveable Heat exchangers provide clean fresh air for your family to breathe. The filtered air removes dangerous particulates from the Christchurch Air. Solar powered underfloor heating throughout provides a year-round constant comfort level. Cold spots can be a health hazard and now you can live without the worry.



  • Thermally broken windows using Argon Gas Low e (more effective when used in conjunction with the  SIP’s insulation panel)
  • Solar powered underfloor and water heating
  • Grid connected inverter to balance your systems generating capacity
  • Heat exchanged purified air filter
  • Low carbon footprint edge insulated concrete pad
  •  SIP’s Panel ultra insulated wall panel

Please see the google map below for location.

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Energy Efficient Homes has a strong reputation for completing “passive” designed homes in Christchurch with 6 new homes in the last year alone. Energy Efficient Homes Ltd has a strong pipeline of “passive” designed homes for this year with over $8m currently ‘in construction’.

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