18 Millhill Lane, Huntsbury, Christchurch

[Airbnb opportunity to try out this home, see how warm and comfortable this really is.]

The speculative nature of building for sale deemed it necessary to introduce the key sustainability and resilliant features that bring value. The easiest way to maximize the cost benefit ratio is to utilize passive design features which mostly relates to what Welhaus does best, that is: enhancing thermal envelopes.

The outcome of this disciplined process is our Best awarded Urban lodge, a Hybrid CLT Closed Timber Frame construction designed to maximize Thermal efficiency and likely to achieve a 6 or 7 on home star before PV Solar hot water and other features are added that will increase the rating further.


  • Sustainably compact 75 m2
  • Swift build: 3 Months
  • Airtightness to around 1.5 ACH
  • First to meld New Zealand recycled wool insulation with CLT twin skin ceiling
  • Quality controlled off-site prefabrication building method
  • Attainable Architecture from $299,000
  • Average $30 a month power bill
  • The house is solar ready
  • Great ventilation and exchange on demand
  • Utilises hybrid: Welpanel CLT & SIP
  • Heat loss reduced up to 50%

Product special: Wood

Welhaus are wood specialists and wood can affect the quality of the room air and the human housing health. Wood also has stress reducing, regenerating effect on humans according to research by the Finnish Forest Research Institute. Softwoods such as pine work particularly well as a moisture binding and releasing material that evens out room air humidity and temperature conditions.

Please see the google map below for location.

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The Welhaus Philosophy is to increase occupant wellbeing for longer using less and to achieve this we aim for balance between economic, social and environmental factors. We are pre-fabricators building as much as we can in the factory to not only offset carbon miles but because we know that controlled conditions mean increased quality, reduced waste and shorter construction times.

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