402 Madras St, Christchurch Central

Initially inspired by alpine huts in the back country, these adjoined townhouses in central Christchurch were designed with energy and space efficiencies at the forefront.
The building uses airtight construction methods and features a custom designed foundation system which is not only strong, but allows for the building to be re-leveled or shifted off site with ease.


  • Custom engineered foundation with no earthworks or excavation required
  • Adaptability: the units can be detached and relocated separately
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic properties using cross  laminated timber
  • CLT Prefabrication off site allows for speedy construction on site
  • Airtight construction, minimum all round insulation value of R3.2
  • Heat recovery system minimise heat loses
  • Compact laminate used on the kitchen island and vanities for durability and hygiene
  • LED strip lights with carefully selected wattages and  locations offer statement lighting without additional fittings
  • Efficiently laid out floor plan to give adequate space for every living
  • Where possible all products used were sourced locally or using environmentally sensitive chemicals

Please see the google map below for location.

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Designer Mitchell Coll loves New Zealand and its alpine environment. When approaching the design of his home, it was a no brainer to take inspiration from the alpine huts in the Mackenzie Country he frequents to create his own slice of paradise in the centre of Christchurch city.

Just like a hut, the home is kept simple with everything having a purpose. His grapic designer partner Amy shares this approach to design, making the home a true reflection of both owners.