26 Holmwood Rd, Merivale, Christchurch

The original house on the site was damaged in the earthquake and the owners decided to rebuild two houses on the large site instead of one. This allowed them to downsize their property and build a more comfortable and energy efficient house for themselves as well as an additional house for someone else.


  • Planning: The house is one of a series of houses based on modular pavilions linked together to form unique houses for each site and owner.
  • The north facing windows provide good passive solar performance, large solar gain in the living area.
  • Heating: The house has in-slab heating in the insulated concrete slab run by a heat pump.
  • Wall and roof construction: The house is built from Warmframe™, a strong, lightweight steel frame construction with polyester insulation within the frame and a denser polyester insulation outside the frame to prevent thermal bridging and keep the frame close in temperature to the inside of the house.
  • Windows are double glazed and thermally broken.
  • Cladding: The vertical cedar cladding is on 45 mm structural battens which also create the space for the external insulation layer.
  • The Insulpro polyester insulation is made from recycled milk bottles.

Please see the google map below for location.

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