124 Bowhill Rd, New Brighton, Christchurch

This is a house designed to push the limits and explore innovative ideas. It’s the result of a 5 year journey to find the ultimate solution and a desire to showcase some of the learning and ideas we’ve formulated over the years. This house is well on its way to becoming a 10 star home and will form the platform for the next prototype home destined to exceed this one. It’s part of our commitment to keep challenging the norm of NZ housing.


  • Fibre glass double glazed window joinery with argon filled Planitherm XN low E glazing
  • Mechanical Heat recovery ventilation system with OM (Omoshiroi Mottainai) style solar intake,
  • Grey water recovery and rain water harvesting system,
  • PV solar system,
  • Temperature, CO2 and moisture monitors
  • Hydronic in-slab heating with passive solar circulating pump coupled with a dual heat HWC
  • Knauf Jet Stream blown in insulation, Ceiling R8.6,Walls R5.4
  • Proclima Intello Plus air tightness membrane
  • Closed Cavity SuperBuild panel cladding system
  • Charred Thermally Modified Timber (TMT) Vulcan + cladding by Abodo
  • Solar operated opening skylights
  • Hush Panel acoustic plywood ceilings
  • Ecconex Building Management and
  • Monitoring System

Please see the google map below for location.

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